Viaggiare con i bambini

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Can you travel in Russia with children? Not really, unless you think they’ll enjoy the shimmer of omul in Lake Baikal, dog-sledding in the Siberian taiga or painting Russian dolls in artist workshops of Sergiev Posad. Here are the best children’s activities for families visiting Russia.

Quando, come, per quanto?

These trips are designed for children aged 7+. You can adapt practically any trip to a Russian region we offer, except maybe Kamchatka. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that you will travel long distances with your driver in Baikal, Altai and Arkhangelsk.<br> <br> Suzdal is perfect for children all year and especially nice during the warm season from May to October or in winter from January to the end of February.<br> <br> The trip to Arkhangelsk on Lake Kenozero is ideal from July to mid-September (one night train, plus a 3-hour drive).<br> <br> Dog-sledding with children can be organised in Kostroma (half-day train and car ride), Karelia and Lake Baikal from January to the end of March.<br> <br> If you want to visit Baikal, we highly recommend March if you are travelling with children.

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