At least 5 months per year most of Russia’s territory is covered with snow. Winter opens new ways and destinations. By snowmobile it is possible to get to the places which are unattainable in summer even on foot. On our tours a snowmobile is not an extreme entertainment but the only mean to reach wonderful winter landscapes. Driving on frozen Karelian lakes you can get to old villages, where people still cook meals in wood stoves. And emerald Baikal ice opens you a way 600 km long. Keeping the balance on a snowmobile is easier than on a bike: there are two skies from the front of the vehicle which give you stability. You can speed up by pressing a lever on a right handle and brake with a left handle. Everything is easy!

Quando, come, per quanto?

A snowmobile ride can be very short and last for several hours only, but also can be an expedition several days long with overnights in village cabins by the locals or even in a chum tent. <br> <br> We offer snowmobile journeys in 3 regions: South Karelia, Kola Peninsula and Baikal.<br> <br> It is possible to get to Karelia by a night train Moscow-Petrozavodsk. From December to March you can take a two days route with visiting an old village Kinerma or a small private zoo situated by Syamozero lake. From mid February to late March the ice on Onega lake is thick enough to get to Kizhy island (2 days journey).<br> <br> For more experienced travellers snowmobile routes on Kola peninsula are available from January to mid April (2 hours flight from Moscow to Murmansk). You will have to drive your snowmobile in the mountainous area and in Arctic climate. The winter temperature can reach - 30 C.<br> <br> From November to early April take a ride from Baikal’s Listvyanka village (6h flight from Moscow to Irkutsk) deep into national park to spend a night in a forest cabin and visit a village of gold miners Bolshye Koty.

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