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In Russia, the northern lights are closer than you think. It’s actually only a 30-min flight from Saint Petersburg or 2 hours from Moscow to reach these ethereal manifestations. Northern Russia has the ideal conditions and location to see them: sparsely populated areas with hardly any artificial lights, so it is the perfect destination for a northern lights trip. But where can you see the northern lights in Russia?

Quando, come, per quanto?

We recommend experiencing the Northern Lights in two of Russia’s regions: Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula (2h by plane from Moscow) and the Autonomous Nenets District (2h40 by plane from Moscow).<br> <br> The best time to see this natural light show is between January and March when the nights are frosty and clear.<br> <br> Depending on your destination, you will be offered different excursions. On the Kola Peninsula, you can ride snowmobiles and go dog-sledding (3 days). Further east in Naryan-Mar, spend time with an indigenous tribe of reindeer herders. You can also go for a ride on a reindeer-drawn sled. Living conditions are spartan and you will stay in a tchum (3 days).

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